Commit 8f7c69bd authored by Deniro StopCovid's avatar Deniro StopCovid

Merge branch 'fix-merge-in-develop-unregister' into 'develop'

chore: Removing /v1 in IUnregister

See merge request !109
parents fc66426c 5ccf5870
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ import;
@RequestMapping(value = {"${controller.path.prefix}" + UriConstants.API_V1, "${controller.path.prefix}" + UriConstants.API_V2,
@RequestMapping(value = {"${controller.path.prefix}" + UriConstants.API_V2,
"${controller.path.prefix}" + UriConstants.API_V3, "${controller.path.prefix}" + UriConstants.API_V4})
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