Commit b6eb320c authored by calocedre TAC's avatar calocedre TAC
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remove assertions on uuid

parent d20a33b8
......@@ -135,13 +135,6 @@ class ReportServiceTest {
UUID uuidC = UUID.fromString("bdbf9725-c1ad-42e3-b725-e475272b7f54");
UUID uuidC2 = UUID.fromString("bdbf9725-c1ad-42e3-b725-e475272b7f54");
assertThat(uuidA != uuidA2).isTrue();
assertThat(uuidB != uuidB2).isTrue();
assertThat(uuidC != uuidC2).isTrue();
List<Visit> visits = List.of(
newVisit(uuidA, TimeUtils.ntpTimestampFromInstant(now.minus(4, ChronoUnit.HOURS))), // pass
newVisit(uuidA2, TimeUtils.ntpTimestampFromInstant(now)), // pass
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