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Commit b10a8735 authored by Merisier Tac's avatar Merisier Tac
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Fix locationTemporaryPublicId computation

nameUUIDFromBytes is not a straightfoward conversion of an UUID in byte
array representation to the same UUID in the UUID class. Rather, it
generates an UUID from an array of byte by some black magic involving
md5 hashing...
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......@@ -299,7 +299,10 @@ public class CleaEciesEncoder {
byte[] tlidB = hmacSha256.doFinal(message.getBytes("UTF-8"));
/* Convert in UUID format */
byte[] tlidBTrunc = Arrays.copyOfRange(tlidB, 0, 16);
locationTemporaryPublicID = UUID.nameUUIDFromBytes(tlidBTrunc);
ByteBuffer bb = ByteBuffer.wrap(tlidBTrunc);
long high = bb.getLong();
long low = bb.getLong();
locationTemporaryPublicID = new UUID(high, low);
return locationTemporaryPublicID;
} catch (InvalidKeyException | NoSuchAlgorithmException | IllegalStateException | UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
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