[trace interpretation]

data_unregister_submit() does not flush data from GPU to CPU

[tracking invalid/unregistered data]

Questions sur StarPU

[printing out DAG]

segfault in StarPU memory allocator

Dépendances dynamiques

exposing the task color field to starpu-task-insert


StarPU - starpu_codelet_pack_arg doesn't exist anymore ?

Possible bug in performance model file parsing

Performance profiling of tile low rank cholesky (HiCMA) with StarPU on distributed memory systems

Check fail in StarPU 1.2.4

Passing a structure to starpu insert task

StarPU v1.2.3 released

Utilisation de StarPU dans un code C++

removing gray nodes from a dot file

registering handles

support for cudaMemcpyPeer

segfault occurring with starpu 1.2.3 and master branch of chameleon

Nouvelle politique d'ordonnancement

StarPU training course at Maison de la Simulation

Questionsur les dépendancesexplicites

Question sur les dépendances explicites

[LU factorisation: gdb debug output]

StarPU 1.2.3 - Serious bug in OpenCL

Fwd: [LU factorisation: gdb debug output]

[segfault debugging]

[Passing an array to StarPU task]

StarPU: From SVN to GIT

implicit asynchronous partitioning landed in trunk!

[StarPU 1.2.3 installation]

automatic RAM allocation and CUDA worker issue

[starpu_matrix_interface: nx, ny]

[starpu_matrix_filter_block: obtain block sizes, asynchronous interface]

Interest in StarPU Users' Days

StarPU Fortran support

data access

Question about sequential transfers in Starpu/SimGrid

StarPU cannot find GPUs on Plafrim

StarPU install

Performance issue of StarPU on Intel self-hosted KNL

A build error with SVN version 21927

StarPU: Compilation errors on a selfhoster KNL

StarPU with FxT is missing uthash.h while building tools

StarPU on IBM Power8 systems

[PATCH] examples audio fix

Task re-execution with StarPU

StarPU task cancellation/resubmission

StarPU will cope by trying to purge

Different nodes are owning W data

[PATCH] examples audio fix - define nite as global variable because old scope was not reacheable by starpu_data_filter, cublas fix and use CFLAGS variable on Makefile.

Data partition

build problem

How to cite StarPU properly

Overlapping communications in modular-heft

Executing Cholesky with StarPU

Debugging starPU application with gdb

StarPU v1.2.2 released

starPU writes to /usr/local

Problème mode Redux de StarPU

StarPU support for out of core algorithms (storage)

Using StarPU Environment Variables

Weird error with HWLOC

Contexts and setting Scheduling Policies

Sample sort on starPU

starPU and GCC plugins not supported

Moving Workers from One Context To Another in Real Time

How to Make a Task Prefer a Worker Inside a Context

Tracing chameleon/starpu with EZTrace/ViTE: what is the kernel "C" in the tracing?

Any tutorial on StarPU with C++?

Problem with Intel MPI

[StarPU insert task]

StarPU v1.1.7 released

StarPU v1.2.1 released

MPI tags limitation with Starpu

Could STARPU_COMMUTE change order with a single worker ?

StarPU 1.2.0 not working with CUDA 8 and Ubuntu

A question regarding the MPI cache and starpu_mpi_cache_flush

STARPU_STATS does not print statistics

Detached communications

Device OpenCL monopolisant 1 cœur CPU + usage CPU

starpu_worker_get_ids_by_type does not work with STARPU_ANY_WORKER

Installing StarPU 1.2.0 (problems with icc)

StarPU+SimGrid: FetchingInput computation

Deadlock with starpu_calibrate

startpu 1.2.0 compilation issues

Fwd: startpu 1.2.0 compilation issues

Implicit distributed flavour of examples/stencil example

Re : Re: Suggestions about creating starpu threads

Suggestions about creating starpu threads

Re. Starpu not recognizing APU

Problem with Opencl and starpu

ScalFMM parallèle distribué

OpenCl and Starpu

OpenCl and Starpu - more details

Compilation de la version SVN avec l'option --enable-fxt-lock

StarPu build error

Issues with asynchronous partitioning on temporary data

help with trace.rec and tasks.rec

segfault with dynamic partitioning and STARPU_PROFILING=1

Quelques questions sur StarPU

StarPU v1.1.6 released

StarPU v1.2.0 released

StarPU comparison with other libraries

Starpu & Trace

starpu autogen error with libtool on mac os x

Deadlock in StarPU-MPI

StarPU v1.2.0rc6 released

hwloc detection problem when configuring starpu-svn-trunk and starpu-1.2.0rc5

automake version detection

StarPU sur Mac

2 small patches

Fortran interface for StarPU

DAG et volume de données

Possible to Enable STARPU_WORKER_STATS=1 inside the code ?

huge regression in LWS scheduler


StarPU Asynchronous Partitioning

Fwd: Strong interest in contributions and integrations

compil mac os x starpu-1.1: too many symbolic links

Strong interest in contributions and integrations

opencl codelet error messages

StarPU does not accept too long opencl kernel sources

Engineer job offer: Improvement of a runtime system for the development of fast numerical methods.

StarPU Configuration error

?Question performance des tâches

Question performance des tâches

starpu_fxt fix: threadid type should be coherent (probably long unsigned)

Questions about StarPU worker recongnization

Asking collaboration in PhD Research about Scheduling

Cannot use OpenCL on CPU

Performance with SOCL on multiple devices

Scheduling accelerators

Performance with SOCL on multiple devices*

1.2.0rc5 problem with -lGL

StarPU v1.2.0rc5 released

Contact Form Submission from Vishal

nready traces starpu

comportement étrange avec StarPU

Task naming in traces

Cannot find MPI

status of MPI distribution

build starpu+simgrid mac os x 10.9

retour experience starpu mac

Error report

Fwd: Error report

Memory leak starpu_task_build ?

Worker Binding Problem

StarPU v1.1.5 released

SOCL on Ubuntu error

Traces do not work in the trunck version

StarPU v1.2.0rc4 released

fortran error Starpu 1.2 RC3

StarPU v1.2.0rc3 released

OpenCL 64bit Double errors

OpenCL 2.0

Installation problem of StarPU 1.0


segfault MPI execution and starpu_fxt_tool

how compile Examples, and


[SimpleHelp] Declaring and Using a Codelet in C++

MPI datatypes for user-defined interfaces

[PATCH] openmp: expose a global arbiter

Build Error with nvcc V7.0.27

Compiling Error

StarPU examples description

StarPU 1.2.0rc2, FAIL: datawizard/manual_reduction

StarPU v1.2.0rc2 released

Segfault occurs when using openMPI memory pinning

Using Temanejo with StarPU

starpu test application

StarPU v1.2.0rc1 released

StarPU v1.1.4 released

mpi_isend_detached / mpi_irecv_detached with starpu-trunk with tag

Question about device performance

Build issues On Windows8.1


starpu release

Task which accesses multiple time the same handle with different access modes.

Unexpected behavior - Not making task ready when they could be

Link a Tag to a task using starpu_insert_task()

Load balancing over MPI nodes

StarPU on multiple communicator

starpu 1.1 and execute_on_worker

Overlapping communication with computation on GPU

StarPU Configuration/Build error : nsubmitted, nready

Assert failure with regenerate flag enabled

poll: Should performance models depend on matrix ld?

starpu installation issues

Assert : Number of copy requests left is not zero

Some interrogations about MPI and StarPU

Failed assert in copy_driver.c

Performances and starpu_data_set_sequential_consistency_flag

StarPU Library Instances

possible source of : ../../src/datawizard/coherency.c:60: _starpu_select_src_node: Assertion `src_node_mask != 0' failed.

Error in .starpu/sampling

StarPU: Data flow between tasks

StarPU questions

Compile problem when installing StarPU with Xeon Phi support

StarPU fails when using dmda/pheft with more than 1 GPU

Clarification on task graph

StarPU v1.1.3 released

Lifetime needed for a starpu_data_handle_t

basic example + makefile

Installation of Star-PU on Cray XE6/XC30 SYSTEMS

Task pipelining commited to trunk

MPI and fake handler

handles without sequential consistency, RW access mode and multiple memory nodes

Unregistered handles after using reduction

StarPU on Xeon Phi

Difference between starpu_mpi_cache_flush() and starpu_mpi_cache_flush_all() ?

About the prediction model of data transfer time

MPI scaling

Warning when some data handles have not been unregistered() at shutdown() time ?

Task status invalid

New functionality + starpu_data_advise_as_important question

StarPU v1.1.2 released

Configure option --with-magma not working

Concurrent access to HASH_FIND_PTR(_cache_sent_data[dest], &data, already_sent);

Bug when dealing with a huge number of tiles during distributed executions

Temporary buffer initialization



Bug: perfmodel_bus.c calling upload latency "download latency" on CUDA?

APU optimization: is partition camping enough of a difference?

StarPU v1.1.1 released

Starpu-1.1.0 Configure --enable-blas-lib=goto

Concurrent CUDA kernel execution

GPU issue with r12137

Sequential consistency and handles

macro issue

Accessing task in callback function

starpu_data_unregister_submit() and MPI


Using STARPU_COMMUTE with starpu_mpi_task_build()

pthread_barrier doesn't exist on OS X

socl platform didn't recognize CPU

Void interface and StarPU-MPI

StarPU MPI and Dags display

Building StarPU 1.2 Ubuntu Error

Question about MPI usage

Link on

(sans objet)

starpu_mpi_insert_task() and profiling

[Inquiry]Starpu Windows Build

dpendance de types

nested task

StarPU CUDA configuration error

starpu v1.1.0 released

dpendance de donnes

memory overhead

starpu v1.1.0rc4 released

Is StarPU busy-waiting for tasks ?

Starpu Test Results

CUDA, StarPU and Visual Studio 2012

starpu v1.1.0rc3 released


Only 2 OpenCL Devices available

Task distribution statistics for StarPU

pheft problem?

DLLs required on Windows?

New vite snapshot uploaded to debian

Execute on 2 OpenCL devices

Problems with memory in CUDA

error in the documentation

Problem with prio and tasks with several implementations


Conversion tasks

compilation problem

Error building starpu1.1

Problemes with doc building

StarPU task_submit failure on gpu

Bug in starpu_task_expected_length

starpu_insert_task without submission

How to wait for a subset of the tasks to complete

pre-processing on CPU for openCL task

STARPU Warning on CUDA update

StarPU with two different OpenCL devices

Strange behaviour using GPUs

OpenCL version in starpu

About task dependencies


Dumping performance models on windows

Freebsd and pthread_barrier_wait

starpu 1.1.0rc1 fail to install on MacOS

Magma/Plasma on StarPU

Equivalence vs substitutability

share a structure between devices?

starpu v1.1.0rc2 released

Fwd: Visiting INRIA Bordeaux


Question about matrix splicing

Staticaly distributing task on one given GPU

Error in manual 1.1.0rc1


About Paje trace generation

StarPU and MKL 11 (Intel Composer XE 2013)

Error Report

Problme sur SOCL

StarPU / Mac (10.8.3)

Fixed compilation error and failed tests

SOCL installation

How does StarPU get the OpenCL device ID ?

Problem running CUDA task

Problems using parallel tasks

.stapu directory location

FAIL: mpi_reduction

Checking for main -lopencl failed

About tracing a StarPU application

Problem if the task is too large

starpu_codelet must be global?

Featuring StarPU on the AMD Applications Showcase

StarPU : my letter to santa

StarPU gcc plugin not building

bug de compilation ? .//etc/OpenCL/vendors/*.icd: file not found


How to use starpu_mpi_task_insert

Error with MPI and _starpu_release_data_enforce_sequential_consistency


CUDA Allocate problem

Tags and Sequential Consistency

Bug trace


starpu_malloc() when StarPU is not initialized yet (or has been shut down)

error in installing starpu

StarPU CUDA out of memory

hang with 8659

How to get a rough completion estimate ?

Avoiding CPU-CPU copy in OpenCL driver case

Example sched_ctx segfaults


Assert fail with 8659

State of Windows support in StarPU

[Starpu-commits] r8543 - trunk/tools

[Starpu-commits] r8507 - in trunk/src: datawizard/interfaces drivers/opencl

Generating multiple trace


several implementations

Unable to visualize Paje traces with ViTE

Peppher: Running StarPU + OpenCL on Cora

internal function _starpu_can_use_nth_implementation called with STARPU_ANY_WORKER

Build error with icc (trunk)


Commits are suspended --- Re: Merge of sched_ctx branch into the trunk

Merge of sched_ctx branch into the trunk

[PATCH 0/5] Merge heft and dmda.

What would you like to see most in the schedulers ?

[Starpu-commits] r8197 - in trunk: doc/chapters gcc-plugin/examples/cholesky src src/core src/sched_policies tests/sched_policies

[PATCH 5/5] Remove heft.

[PATCH 2/5] dmda*: add a push_task_notify method, taken from heft.

[PATCH 4/5] dm*: Add StarPU-Top support.

[PATCH 3/5] dmda*: take into account the data transfer time.

[PATCH 1/5] dmda*: Add a pre_exec_hook, taken from heft.

Workloads on StarPU

[Starpu-commits] r8070 - in trunk/mpi: examples examples/cholesky examples/complex examples/mpi_lu examples/stencil include src tests

Heft/dmda: locking in compute_all_performance_predictions.

Scheduler heft

Temanejo support: graphically single-stepping tasks!

Question About StarUP with AMD Architecture.

StarPU can_execute problem

Segmentation fault on core/jobs.c:215

[Starpu-commits] r7820 - in trunk/src: common core profiling util

Problem in installation of StarPU

Regarding StarPU installation

About StarPU

starpu opencl app

[PATCH 0/7][Review needed] A first step towards the factorization of heft and dm*.

[PATCH v2 6/6] Reindent _dmda_push_task().

[PATCH v2 5/6] src/sched_policies/deque_modeling_policy_data_aware.c: add a compute_all_performance_predictions() function.

[PATCH v2 4/6] heft.c: Remove the "bundle" parameter from compute_all_performance_predictions().

[PATCH v2 3/6] Heft: use a scheduler-specific fifo rather than pushing tasks directly to the workers' local tasks.

[PATCH v2 2/6] _starpu_fifo_push_task(): Fix "TODO: if prio, put at back".

[PATCH v2 1/6] src/sched_policies/heft.c: use an array of _starpu_fifo_taskq* rather than multiple global variables.


[PATCH 7/7] Handle bundles in deque_modeling_policy_data_aware.c.

[PATCH 6/7] Reindent _dmda_push_task().

Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: starpu opencl app

[PATCH 5/7] src/sched_policies/deque_modeling_policy_data_aware.c: add a compute_all_performance_predictions() function.

[PATCH 3/7] Heft: use a scheduler-specific fifo rather than pushing tasks directly to the workers' local tasks.

[PATCH 4/7] heft.c: Remove the "bundle" parameter from compute_all_performance_predictions().

[PATCH 2/7] _starpu_fifo_push_task(): Fix "TODO: if prio, put at back".

[PATCH 1/7] src/sched_policies/heft.c: use an array of _starpu_fifo_taskq* rather than multiple global variables.


Un nouveau message !

heft scheduler with can_execute hook

COO and other sparse interfaces in StarPU

StarPU can_execute hook with multiple implementations..

Tuning for Processor Affinity?


OpenMP StarPU

Informationn de starpu avec hwloc mais sans pkgconfig

Fwd: Informationn de starpu avec hwloc mais sans pkgconfig

free(handle) in _starpu_data_unregister

pthread_rwlock_t-related failures on Darwin.

StarPU for distributed computing

Minor Makefile error in mpi/

Finding Nvidia capabilities when configuring StarPU.

Erreur d'abort dans StarPU

Data interfaces in StarPU

make check in tools subdirectory (Re: [Starpu-commits] r7223 - trunk)

starpu in gentoo

CUDA task and GCC plugin

StarPU csr_interface problem

parallel_tasks test failures

doc/ replace stat(1) by something portable.

starpu v1.0.2 released

Question sur starpu_data_set_rank

Fwd: Re: [Starpu-commits] r6977 - in trunk: . src/core/perfmodel src/drivers/cuda

Drivers, schedulers: where should sched_mutex be locked ?

Should we use more hooks ?


[Starpu-commits] r6902 - in trunk: . examples/basic_examples

CPU data on a GPU kernel

Performance issues when specifying const and __attribute__ ((output))

Strange error " <starpu_task_submit> returned unexpected value: <-19>"

DAG with Tag dependences

support de l'extension cl_khr_icd par socl

GCC plugin and registering address of scalar

BCSR: the rowptr field.

make distcheck fails

Building StarPU with OpenCL on Ubuntu 11.10

Error while make checking StarPU 1.0.1

Lazy data unregistering

bad performance scaling behavior of cholesky decomposition

Is pgreedy broken ?

Make the FxT-related code portable.

starpufft + nvcc

Combined workers and OpenMP code

Compiler starpu sous windows pour ManyLoDs

Requested Output

StarPU installation error

Constructing codelet-chain loop

Nested codelets?


Error handling in StarPU.

[Starpu-commits] r6233 - trunk/src/datawizard/interfaces

[Starpu-commits] r5692 - in trunk/src: core core/dependencies datawizard drivers/cpu drivers/cuda drivers/gordon drivers/opencl

Fwd: (sans objet)

Fwd: help

Pastix should be fixed [Was: [Starpu-commits] r5692 - in trunk/src: core core/dependencies datawizard drivers/cpu drivers/cuda drivers/gordon drivers/opencl]

[BUG] tests/datawizard/reclaim.c: hangs forever in task_wait_for_all when using OpenCL.

AMD Fusion: post-full-utilization computing?

Question about header installation directory

[PATCH] src/sched_policies: add starpu_sched_policies_common.{c, h}, that will contain code that can easily be shared between schedulers.

Use OpenCL on CPU devices.

Checksum files for releases and mirror site

OpenMP timing with StarPU pheft

fxt 0.2.5 released

[StarPU] Data prefetch.

Patch request for the multiformat interface

Performance decreasing by adding empty tasks

StarPU Question regarding gated connections

Fwd: [Starpu-commits] r5692 - in trunk/src: core core/dependencies datawizard drivers/cpu drivers/cuda drivers/gordon drivers/opencl

StarPU's limitations

Ready for rc2 ?

starpu v1.0.0rc2 released

OpenMP example


[Starpu-commits] r5610 - trunk/gcc-plugin/examples/vector_scal

starpu_task_destroy and OpenMP example

[BUG] examples/heat/heat sometimes hangs.

Performances regression

[Memory leaks] Tasks with NULL codelets.

multi-chip multicore task scheduling

StarPU on macos ?

Environment variables over starpu_conf?

StarPU make check failure

Seek and destroy memory leaks.

[Starpu-commits] r5392 - in trunk: . doc/chapters

[patch request] Double comparison

[Fwd: [Starpu-commits] r5299 - trunk/doc/chapters]

starpu v1.0.0rc1 released

[Review needed] nreaders might be 0 in _starpu_add_writer_after_readers.

[Starpu-commits] [Review needed] Move $HOME/.starpu/sampling to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/starpu/sampling

Compare GPU/CPU execution.

initialised SCRATCH buffer

Query about threads/tasks in starpu

OpenCL problem

[Starpu-commits] r4894 - in trunk: . include src/core src/core/dependencies src/core/perfmodel src/datawizard src/sched_policies

Query about profiling data

Query about Worker execution time

How to use a latest version of starpu library

Error - No worker may execute this task

Script to run buildbot profiles against your source code

Modification of the StarPU Public API

Linker errors in make while trying to build starpu

Performance metric

How to add own example code to build using Starpu

Re : How to add own example code to build using Starpu

Starpu vector_scal example execution error on 32-bit linux system

Re: How to add own example code to build using Starpu

Error while building StarpU library

Segmentation fault when I try to execute the basic example Vector Scale using OpenCL kernel.


[Starpu-bugs] Model debug compile problem

[Starpu-bugs] starpu tests failed

Bug avec le prefetch

StarPU CUDA problem

Applications allowed to do computations in their own cores ?

Perfmodel format.

Fwd: [Starpu-commits] r4125 - trunk

Questions around StarPU

Questions autour de StarPU

Integrating MPI and starpu

Introducing the GNU C Extensions

OpenCL backend on CPU

StarPU: subgraph_repeat_regenerate.c

Problem with CUDA 4.0

Installation problem

Fwd: Re: StarPU OpenCL on Mac

StarPU OpenCL on Mac

[Starpu-commits] r3978 - in trunk: . socl socl/include socl/include/CL socl/src

StarPU: questions about performance model

Reporting a bug

StarPu: performance model doesn't work

StarPU 0.9 is released!

starpu_data_unregister() failing at pthread_spin_unlock()

Suppressing MSVC warnings on StarPU macros

Documentation Patch for Building on Windows

Header Issue (C++ and MSVC)

StarPU with C++ (possibly extern) problem

Patch: Add a const qualifier to suppress a long list of warnings

[MACOSX] problem with examples

setting the clBuildProgram() option parameter

compile fix - sync_and_notify_data.c

Building starpu examples with MSVC

Compiling starpu on Mac OS

StarPU: OpenCL do not work well

StarPU task overhead

Fwd: Re: StarPU: OpenCL do not work well

Windows version of StarPU

Getting StarPU running

Asynchronous Task execution problem

Installation of starpu on macbook

StarPU with Windows and Visual C++ port?

StarPU SVN and OpenCL on CPU

Building StarPU from SVN on OSX [patch]

[PATCH] OpenCL CPU devices patch

Building StarPU from SVN on OSX

Building StarPU for OpenCL and Linux

Building StarPU on Windows

StarPU and OpenMP threads

StarPU SSE and nvcc compiler

Deadlock when calling starpu_shutdown

OpenCL in StarPU

[Starpu-commits] r2912 - trunk/src/drivers/opencl


Sans objet


StarPU configuration issues


clEnqueueReadBufferRect / clEnqueueWriteBufferRect

Filter names

Matrix Filters

pthread_mutex_unlock : Invalid argument

Problem with pthread_mutex_lock

Function renaming

Huge API Update: Function renaming

Nightly snapshots

Termination of strassen with opencl

Example spmv

Pointer arithmetic and OpenCL

Test message

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