Commit fea548f2 authored by Nathalie Furmento's avatar Nathalie Furmento

scripts/ use https instead of http

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......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ updateFileLinks()
for x in $(grep -rs 'href="\/files/' public | tr ' ' '\012' | tr '\t' '\012' | grep href | sed -e 's/href="//' -e 's/".*//' -e 's/#.*//' | sort | uniq)
dst=$(echo "$x" | sed 's:files/::')
dst=$(echo "$x" | sed 's:files/::')
echo "create redirect from $x to $dst"
case "$x" in
*pdf) for f in $(grep -rsl $x public) ; do sed -i 's;href="'$x'";href="'$dst'";g' $f ; done ;;
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