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......@@ -511,6 +511,7 @@ Springer<br/>
<strong>Vers des supports d'exécution capables d'exploiter les machines multicoeurs hétérogènes</strong><br/>
Mémoire de DEA, Université Bordeaux 1, June 2008<br/>
[<a href="">WWW</a>]
[<a href="">PDF</a>]
<h4>On Composability</h4>
......@@ -721,6 +722,13 @@ Springer<br/>
[doi:<a href="">10.1002/cpe</a>]
<a name="stanisic:hal-01180272"></a>Luka Stanisic, Emmanuel Agullo, Alfredo Buttari, Abdou Guermouche, Arnaud Legrand, Florent Lopez, and Brice Videau<br/>
<strong>Fast and Accurate Simulation of Multithreaded Sparse Linear Algebra Solvers</strong><br/>
In <em>The 21st IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems</em>, Melbourne, Australia, December 2015<br/>
[<a href="">WWW</a>]
[<a href="">PDF</a>]
<a name="stanisic:hal-01011633"></a>Luka Stanisic, Samuel Thibault, Arnaud Legrand, Brice Videau, and Jean-François Méhaut<br/>
<strong>Modeling and Simulation of a Dynamic Task-Based Runtime System for Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architectures</strong><br/>
In <em>Euro-par - 20th International Conference on Parallel Processing</em>, Porto, Portugal, August 2014<br/>
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