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Commit ee4f386b authored by THIBAULT Samuel's avatar THIBAULT Samuel
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Emphasize that yes, starpu schedulers are distributed

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......@@ -237,11 +237,12 @@ performance models. These determine the relative performance achieved
by the different processing units for the various kinds of task, and thus
permits to <b>automatically let processing units execute the tasks they are the best for</b>.
Various strategies and variants are available. Some of them are centralized, but
most of them are <b>completely distributed</b>. <i>dmdas</i> (a data-locality-aware MCT strategy,
most of them are <b>completely distributed</b> so as to properly scale with
large numbers of cores. <i>dmdas</i> (a data-locality-aware MCT strategy,
thus similar to heft but starts executing tasks before the whole task graph is
submitted, thus allowing dynamic task submission and a decentralized scheduler,
as well as an energy optimizing extension), <i>eager</i> (dumb centralized
queue), <i>lws</i> (decentralized locality-aware work-stealing), ...
queue), <i>lws</i> (distributed locality-aware work-stealing), ...
The overhead per task is typically around the order of
magnitude of a microsecond. Tasks should thus be a few orders of magnitude
bigger, such as 100 microseconds or 1 millisecond, to make the overhead
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