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Add Research Report about OpenMP layer

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% %%% 2016 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
TITLE = {{Bridging the gap between OpenMP 4.0 and native runtime systems for the fast multipole method}},
AUTHOR = {Agullo, Emmanuel and Aumage, Olivier and Bramas, Berenger and Coulaud, Olivier and Pitoiset, Samuel},
URL = {},
TYPE = {Research Report},
NUMBER = {RR-8953},
PAGES = {49},
INSTITUTION = {{Inria}},
YEAR = {2016},
MONTH = Mar,
KEYWORDS = {On OpenMP Support on top of StarPU, STARPU ; runtime system ; parallel programming model ; compiler ; priority ; commutativity ; multicore architecture ; moteur d'ex{\'e}cution ; mod{\`e}le de programmation parall{\`e}le ; compilateur ; OpenMP 4.0 ; OpenMP 4.X ; priorit{\'e} ; commutativit{\'e} ; architecture multicore},
PDF = {},
HAL_ID = {hal-01372022},
TITLE = {{Approximation Proofs of a Fast and Efficient List Scheduling Algorithm for Task-Based Runtime Systems on Multicores and GPUs}},
AUTHOR = {Beaumont, Olivier and Eyraud-Dubois, Lionel and Kumar, Suraj},
......@@ -614,6 +614,13 @@ Research Report RR-8278, INRIA, April 2013<br/>
<h4>On OpenMP Support on top of StarPU</h4>
<a name="agullo:hal-01372022"></a>Emmanuel Agullo, Olivier Aumage, Berenger Bramas, Olivier Coulaud, and Samuel Pitoiset<br/>
<strong>Bridging the gap between OpenMP 4<br/>0 and native runtime systems for the fast multipole method</strong><br/>
Research Report RR-8953, Inria, March 2016<br/>
[<a href="">WWW</a>]
[<a href="">PDF</a>]
<a name="virouleau:hal-01081974"></a>Philippe Virouleau, Pierrick BRUNET, François Broquedis, Nathalie Furmento, Samuel Thibault, Olivier Aumage, and Thierry Gautier<br/>
<strong>Evaluation of OpenMP Dependent Tasks with the KASTORS Benchmark Suite</strong><br/>
In <em>10th International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP2014</em>, 10th International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP2014, Salvador, Brazil, France, pages 16 - 29, September 2014<br/>
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