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......@@ -196,14 +196,6 @@ When memory is not big enough for the working set, one may have to resort to
using disks. StarPU makes this seamless thanks to its <a href="doc/html/OutOfCore.html">out of core support</a> (new in 1.2).
StarPU will automatically evict data from the main memory in advance, and
prefetch back required data before it is needed for tasks.
To deal with clusters, StarPU can nicely integrate with <a href="doc/html/MPISupport.html">MPI</a> through
explicit network communications, which will then be <b>automatically combined and
overlapped</b> with the intra-node data transfers and computation. The application
can also just provide the whole task graph, a data distribution over MPI nodes, and StarPU
will automatically determine which MPI node should execute which task, and
<b>generate all required MPI communications</b> accordingly (new in v0.9).
<h4>Extensions to the C Language</h4>
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