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Add accepted CCPE paper

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......@@ -43,6 +43,19 @@
TITLE = {{A Visual Performance Analysis Framework for Task-based Parallel Applications running on Hybrid Clusters}},
AUTHOR = {Garcia Pinto, Vinicius and Schnorr, Lucas Mello and Stanisic, Luka and Legrand, Arnaud and Thibault, Samuel and Danjean, Vincent},
URL = {},
NOTE = {working paper or preprint},
YEAR = {2017},
MONTH = Oct,
KEYWORDS = {On Scheduling, Heterogeneous platforms ; Cholesky ; High-Performance Computing ; Trace Visualization ; Task-based applications},
PDF = {},
HAL_ID = {hal-01616632},
TITLE = {{Bridging the gap between OpenMP and task-based runtime systems for the fast multipole method}},
AUTHOR = {Agullo, Emmanuel and Aumage, Olivier and Bramas, Berenger and Coulaud, Olivier and Pitoiset, Samuel},
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