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......@@ -314,11 +314,14 @@ using StarPU.
<h3>Give it a try!</h3>
You can easily try the performance on the Cholesky factorization for
instance. Make sure to have the pkg-config and hwloc software installed for
instance. Make sure to have the pkg-config and
<a href="">hwloc</a>
software installed for
proper CPU control and BLAS kernels for your computation units and configured in
your environment (e.g. MKL for CPUs and CUBLAS for GPUs).
$ wget
$ tar xf starpu-someversion.tar.gz
$ cd starpu-someversion
......@@ -331,6 +334,20 @@ $ STARPU_SCHED=dmdas mpirun -np 4 -machinefile mymachines ./mpi/examples/matrix_
calibration execution before exhibiting optimized performance (until the "model
something is not calibrated enough" messages go away).</p>
<p>To get a glimpse at what happened, you can get an execution trace by
<a href="">FxT</a>
and <a href="">ViTE</a>, and enabling traces:
$ ./configure --with-fxt
$ make -j 12
$ STARPU_SCHED=dmdas ./examples/cholesky/cholesky_implicit -size $((960*40)) -nblocks 40
$ ./tools/starpu_fxt_tool -i /tmp/prof_file_${USER}_0
$ vite paje.trace
Starting with StarPU 1.1, it is also possible to reproduce the performance that
we show in our articles on our machines, by installing simgrid, and then using
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