Commit 69d6a2f2 authored by Nathalie Furmento's avatar Nathalie Furmento
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really get rid of morse-devel in message subject

parent 7fe913a1
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......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ function buildWebPage()
for m in $(tac $list)
wget -q -O xxx.html $m
title=$(grep --binary-files=text "<TITLE>" xxx.html | sed 's/<TITLE>//' | sed 's/\[Starpu\-devel\]//' | sed 's/\[Starpu\-announce\]//' | tr '\t' ' ' | tr -s ' ')
title=$(grep --binary-files=text "<TITLE>" xxx.html | sed 's/<TITLE>//' | sed 's/\[Starpu\-devel\]//' | sed 's/\[Morse\-devel\]//' | sed 's/\[Starpu\-announce\]//' | tr '\t' ' ' | tr -s ' ')
if test "${titles[$title]}" == ""
#echo new title $title
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