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......@@ -121,6 +121,20 @@
% %%% 2014 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
TITLE = {{Harnessing clusters of hybrid nodes with a sequential task-based programming model}},
AUTHOR = {Agullo, Emmanuel and Aumage, Olivier and Faverge, Mathieu and Furmento, Nathalie and Pruvost, Florent and Sergent, Marc and Thibault, Samuel},
URL = {},
HOWPUBLISHED = {{8th International Workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications}},
YEAR = {2014},
MONTH = Jul,
PDF = {},
HAL_ID = {hal-01283949},
keywords = {General Presentations}
TITLE = {{Evaluation of OpenMP Dependent Tasks with the KASTORS Benchmark Suite}},
......@@ -464,6 +464,13 @@ PhD thesis, Université Bordeaux 1, 351 cours de la Libération --- 33405 TALENC
[doi:<a href="">10.1002/cpe.1631</a>]
<a name="agullo:hal-01283949"></a>Emmanuel Agullo, Olivier Aumage, Mathieu Faverge, Nathalie Furmento, Florent Pruvost, Marc Sergent, and Samuel Thibault<br/>
<strong>Harnessing clusters of hybrid nodes with a sequential task-based programming model</strong><br/>
In , July 2014<br/>
[<a href="">WWW</a>]
[<a href="">PDF</a>]
<a name="Aug09Renpar19"></a>Cédric Augonnet<br/>
<strong>StarPU: un support exécutif unifié pour les architectures multicoeurs hétérogènes</strong><br/>
In <em>19èmes Rencontres Francophones du Parallélisme</em>, Toulouse / France, September 2009<br/>
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