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<h1><a href="./">StarPU</a></h1>
<h1 class="sub">A Unified Runtime System for Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures</h1>
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<a href="/Runtime/">RUNTIME homepage</a> |
<a href="/Publis/">Publications</a> |
<a href="/Runtime/software.html">Software</a> |
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<h3>2011 M2 Internships</h3>
Extending StarPU:
<li>Team Runtime: <a href="">Support exécutif scalable pour les architectures hybrides distribuées</a></li>
<li>Team Runtime: <a href="">Programmation des architectures hétérogènes à l’aide de tâches divisibles</a></li>
Using StarPU:
<li>Team Runtime: <a href="">Génération automatique de tâches parallèles sur architecture hybride: application à la Chromo-dynamique quantique</a>
<li>Team HiePacs: <a href="">Solveur direct pour architectures multicoeurs accélérées par des GPUs</a></li>
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......@@ -57,7 +75,7 @@ June 2009 <b>&raquo;&nbsp;</b>NVIDIA granted the StarPU team with a professor pa
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<b>&raquo;&nbsp;</b>StarPU is freely available on <a href="">INRIA's gforge</a> under LGPL license.
<b>&raquo;&nbsp;</b>All releases and the development tree of StarPU are freely available on <a href="">INRIA's gforge</a> under the LGPL license. Some releases are available under the BSD license.
<b>&raquo;&nbsp;</b>Get the <a href="">latest release</a>
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