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tutorials/2015-06-PATC: fix module list and address NFS-mounted home


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......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ A subset of machines has been specifically booked for our own usage.
You should have received information on how to connect to the
Once you are connected, we advise you to add the following lines at
the end of your file <tt>.bash_profile</tt>.
......@@ -56,28 +57,40 @@ the end of your file <tt>.bash_profile</tt>.
module purge
module load compiler/gcc/4.8.3
module load compiler/intel
module load hardware/hwloc
module load compiler/cuda
module load mpi/openmpi/1.6.5
module load mpi/intel
module load trace/fxt/0.2.13
module load runtime/starpu/1.1.4
Due to an issue with the NFS-mounted home, you need to redirect CUDA's cache to
/tmp, so also put this in your .bashrc:
/tmp, so please add the following lines in your file <tt>.bash_profile</tt>:
rm -fr ~/.nv
mkdir -p /tmp/$USER-nv
ln -s /tmp/$USER-nv ~/.nv
StarPU uses a file locking mechanism which also clashes with the
NFS-mounted home, you will need to change the location where StarPU
stores its files, by adding the following line in your
file <tt>.bash_profile</tt>:
export STARPU_HOME=/tmp/$USER/starpu
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