Commit 31c39097 authored by Nathalie Furmento's avatar Nathalie Furmento

update HOWTO

parent 039fd2d7
......@@ -4,3 +4,6 @@ RDIR := /home/groups/starpu/htdocs
ssh $(HOST) git -C $(RDIR) pull
-awk '/<h4>General Presentations/ {display = 1;} {if (display == 1) {print}}' contents/index.html > /tmp/starpu.html
-diff /tmp/starpu.html biblio/out/starpu.html
......@@ -14,20 +14,31 @@ Bibliography
All the bibliography entries of StarPU are stored in
biblio/starpu.bib, when adding one, you need
biblio/starpu.bib, when adding one, you need to update both
publications pages on the starpu website.
- to update the publications pages (under contents/publications), do
so by calling:
- to update, stored
locally under contents/publications,
make -C biblio publish
this will copy the files from biblio/out to contents/publications
- and to update the file contents/index.html with the new entry, do so
by calling:
git commit + git push the modifications
make -C biblio website
make all
will then do a git pull on the gforge machine
- publications are also listed by keyword under, stored locally under
this will create the file biblio/out/starpu.html, call:
(you need to make sure the entry in starpu.bib has the correct
diff biblio/out/starpu.html contents/index.html
make -C biblio website
will create the file biblio/out/starpu.html
to see what needs to be copied in contents/index.html
make diff
will show the differences between biblio/out/starpu.html and
contents/index.html, and thus what needs to be copied in
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