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Note that all debian archs are supported

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......@@ -287,15 +287,12 @@ for (k = 0; k < tiles; k++) {
<h4>Supported Architectures</h4>
<li>SMP/Multicore Processors (x86, PPC, ...) </li>
<li>SMP/Multicore Processors (x86, PPC, ARM, ... all Debian architecture have been tested) </li>
<li>NVIDIA GPUs (e.g. heterogeneous multi-GPU), with pipelined and concurrent kernel execution support (new in v1.2) and GPU-GPU direct transfers (new in 1.1)</li>
<li>OpenCL devices</li>
<li>Cell Processors (experimental)</li>
and soon (in v1.2)
<li>Intel SCC</li>
<li>Intel MIC / Xeon Phi</li>
<li>Intel SCC (experimental, new in 1.2)</li>
<li>Intel MIC / Xeon Phi (new in 1.2)</li>
<h4>Supported Operating Systems</h4>
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