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# Human Spine Model # Human Spine Model
Contains the spine statistical model learned from incomplete data and published Welcome to the repository containing the spine statistical model learned from incomplete data published
at the ShapeMi 2020 Workshop. at the ShapeMi 2020 MICCAI Workshop.
# Mailing list and Contact
If you are interested in the model and want to be updated with news,
please subscribe to the mailing list.
To do so, send an email to []( with the subjet `subscribe spine_model`.
For any questions related to the paper and the model release, please contact
[Di Meng]( or [Sergi Pujades](
# Citing the work
If you use the spine model in your research project,
please cite the model paper
title={Learning a statistical full spine model from partial observations},
author={Meng, Di and Keller, Marilyn and Boyer, Edmond and Black, Michael J. and Pujades, Sergi},
booktitle={International Workshop on Shape in Medical Imaging},
as well as the Verse 2019 paper
title={VerSe: A Vertebrae Labelling and Segmentation Benchmark},
author={Sekuboyina, Anjany and Bayat, Amirhossein and Husseini, Malek E and
L{\"o}ffler, Maximilian and Rempfler, Markus and Kuka{\v{c}}ka, Jan and
Tetteh, Giles and Valentinitsch, Alexander and Payer, Christian and
Urschler, Martin and others},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.09193},
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