Commit e1d922d8 authored by CHEVALIER Arthur's avatar CHEVALIER Arthur Committed by Mathieu Faverge

fix(qt): Forgot to remove connections of Qt5, they are now automatically done with the ui file !

parent 81025662
......@@ -29,19 +29,7 @@ Matrix_visualizer* Matrix_visualizer::Get()
void Matrix_visualizer::connect_widgets()
#ifdef USE_QT5
QObject::connect(this->tool_button_symbol, &QToolButton::clicked,
this, &on_tool_button_symbol_clicked);
QObject::connect(this->tool_button_values, &QToolButton::clicked,
this, &on_tool_button_values_clicked);
QObject::connect(this->tool_button_infos, &QToolButton::clicked,
this, &on_tool_button_infos_clicked);
QObject::connect(this->tool_button_logs, &QToolButton::clicked,
this, &on_tool_button_logs_clicked);
// Automatically done with ui file !
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