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Commit ca0f190d authored by Thibault Soucarre's avatar Thibault Soucarre

whitespace cleanup

parent 7889c609
......@@ -46,7 +46,6 @@
#include "Render.hpp"
class Trace;
......@@ -261,7 +260,6 @@ public:
inline void draw_state(const Element_pos start, const Element_pos end, const Element_pos base, const Element_pos height, const Element_col r, const Element_col g, const Element_col b) {
drawing_instance->set_color(r, g, b);
drawing_instance->draw_quad(trace_to_render_x(start - Info::Render::_x_min_visible),
......@@ -6,13 +6,13 @@
** use, modify and/or redistribute the software under the terms of the
** CeCILL-A license as circulated by CEA, CNRS and INRIA at the following
** URL: "http://www.cecill.info".
** As a counterpart to the access to the source code and rights to copy,
** modify and redistribute granted by the license, users are provided
** only with a limited warranty and the software's author, the holder of
** the economic rights, and the successive licensors have only limited
** liability.
** In this respect, the user's attention is drawn to the risks associated
** with loading, using, modifying and/or developing or reproducing the
** software by the user in light of its specific status of free software,
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
** their requirements in conditions enabling the security of their
** systems and/or data to be ensured and, more generally, to use and
** operate it in the same conditions as regards security.
** The fact that you are presently reading this means that you have had
** knowledge of the CeCILL-A license and that you accept its terms.
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
** - NOISETTE Pascal
** - REDONDY Arthur
** - VUCHENER Clément
** - VUCHENER Clément
#include <string>
......@@ -79,4 +79,3 @@ const ContainerType *ContainerType::get_parent() const {
const list<ContainerType *> *ContainerType::get_children() const {
return &_children;
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