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debut de la formalisation et du code des tests de pour l'interface

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DEBUG=-g -O0
@echo "Compilation of tests :"
make -f test/Makefile
@echo "End compilation of tests"
rm *~ *.o
\ No newline at end of file
@echo "Tests makefile"
\ No newline at end of file
This folders contains the tests about the window interface. Each file applies one test :
- test_window_creation.cpp :
Behaviour :
-> This test simply launch a window directly (without use the terminal interface). User have to close it manually.
What must be checked :
-> Time to display the window (expected result : immediatly)
-> Position of the window inside the screen (expected result : center on X and Y)
-> Size of the window (expected result : all the width, and just 600px (around) on the height)
-> Icon of the window (expected result : the ViTE logo)
-> Title of the window (expected result : "ViTE")
-> The application size in the computer memory (expected result : ********)
- test_window_destruction.cpp :
Behaviour :
-> This test launch a window then immediatly destroy it.
What must be checked :
-> The time while window is displayed (expected result : less then 500 ms, normally "a flash")
-> That the program is also finished when window is closed (expected result : yes) (notice : use the "top" command to determine if it stays as a "zombie")
- test_window_buttonAndMenu.cpp
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