Commit 62baf874 authored by Olivier Lagrasse's avatar Olivier Lagrasse
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- Correction d'une imprecision verticale pour la selection par la

- Ajout d'un script pour compiler sous les Macs de l'ecole (N'est ce pas 
Arthur ;))
parent 79b62654
#! /bin/bash
cd src/ && qmake -spec macx-xcode && xcodebuild -project Makefile.xcode\
proj -configuration Debug clean build
......@@ -705,7 +705,7 @@ void Render_opengl::apply_zoom_box(Element_pos x_min, Element_pos x_max, Element
* Work out the distance between the state origin and the render area middle (_render_width/2).
x_distance_between_state_origin_and_render_middle = _x_state_translate - _default_entity_x_translate + _render_width/2;
y_distance_between_state_origin_and_render_middle = _y_state_translate - _ruler_height + _render_height/2;
y_distance_between_state_origin_and_render_middle = _y_state_translate /*- _ruler_height*/ + _render_height/2;
* 3rd step:
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