Commit 5c33cced authored by Pascal Noisette's avatar Pascal Noisette

commentaire svg

parent 4c48e5e0
......@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@ void Svg::init(const char *path){
_debug_svg_already_closed_once = false;
std::cerr<< "interval : [";
std::cerr<< _start_interval_time;
std::cerr<< _start_interval_time << ", ";
if ( _end_interval_time==0)
std::cerr<<"+oo[" << endl;
std::cerr<<_end_interval_time << endl;
std::cerr<<_end_interval_time << "[" << endl;
std::cerr<< "wide factor :";
......@@ -589,7 +589,7 @@ inline void Svg::draw_arrow(const Element_pos start_time, const Element_pos end_
/*heights are grown by _height_factor : conversion from time in ms to pixel*/
/*positions are translated to _container_width_max : the left region occupied by containers*/
/*positions are translated to MARGINTOP : the upper region reserved for scale*/
/*whenever a time selection is set : state are translated to -_start_interval_time (in ms, ie -_start_interval_time*_wide_factor pixel)*/
/*whenever a time selection is set : states are translated to -_start_interval_time (in ms, ie -_start_interval_time*_wide_factor pixel)*/
Element_pos x1=(start_timeprime )*_wide_factor + _container_width_max -_start_interval_time*_wide_factor ;
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