Commit 3c8f647f authored by Olivier Lagrasse's avatar Olivier Lagrasse

oubli d'un header dans le dernier commit

parent 66e8e2b8
*\file render.hpp
#ifndef RENDER_HPP
#define RENDER_HPP
class Render;
#include "resource.hpp"
* \brief This class provides an interface for render classes like OpenGL or SVG.
class Render
virtual void start_draw() = 0;
virtual void start_draw_containers() = 0;
* \brief Draw a container according to the parameters
* \param x the x position of the container
* \param y the y position of the container
* \param w the width of the container
* \param h the height of the container
virtual void draw_container(const Element_pos x, const Element_pos y, const Element_pos w, const Element_pos h) = 0;
* \brief Draw the text of a container.
* \param x the x position of the text.
* \param y the y position of the text.
* \param value the string value of the text.
virtual void draw_container_text(const Element_pos x, const Element_pos y, const std::string value) = 0;
virtual void end_draw_containers() = 0;
virtual void start_draw_states() = 0;
* \brief Draw a state of the trace.
* \param start the beginning time of the state.
* \param end the ending time of the state.
* \param base vertical position of the state.
* \param height the state height.
* \param r the red color rate of the state.
* \param g the green color rate of the state.
* \param b the blue color rate of the state.
virtual void draw_state(const Element_pos start , const Element_pos end, const Element_pos base, const Element_pos height, const Element_col r, const Element_col g, const Element_col b) = 0;
virtual void end_draw_states() = 0;
virtual void draw_arrow(const Element_pos start_time, const Element_pos end_time, const Element_pos start_height, const Element_pos end_height) = 0;
virtual void draw_event(const Element_pos time, const Element_pos height, const Element_pos container_height) = 0;
virtual void end_draw() = 0;
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