Commit 2a6bdc1a authored by Mathieu Faverge's avatar Mathieu Faverge

Make the about windows text more readable

parent b1d22aae
......@@ -863,7 +863,16 @@ void Interface_graphic::on_about_triggered(){
"</i>.<br /><br />"
"Under the CeCILL A licence. The content can be found <a href=\"\">here</a>."
"<p><b>Developers:</b><ul><li>Kevin COULOMB</li><li>Mathieu FAVERGE</li><li>Johnny JAZEIX</li><li>Olivier LAGRASSE</li><li>Jule MARCOUEILLE</li><li>Pascal NOISETTE</li><li>Arthur REDONDY</li><li>Cl&eacute;ment VUCHENER</li></ul></p>"
"<li>Kevin COULOMB</li>"
"<li>Mathieu FAVERGE</li>"
"<li>Johnny JAZEIX</li>"
"<li>Olivier LAGRASSE</li>"
"<li>Jule MARCOUEILLE</li>"
"<li>Pascal NOISETTE</li>"
"<li>Arthur REDONDY</li>"
"<li>Cl&eacute;ment VUCHENER</li>"
"The main page project is: <a href=\""
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