Commit e434e15b authored by Antoine Jego's avatar Antoine Jego
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fix cli args

parent 06b351ad
......@@ -98,9 +98,19 @@ program fstarpu_example_dgemm
read(str(1:i),*) q
call get_command_argument(7, value=str, length=i)
read(str(1:i),*) t
if (command_argument_count() == 8) then
trace = .true.
end if
do j = 8, command_argument_count()
call get_command_argument(j, value=str, length=i)
select case(str)
trace = .true.
lflush = .true.
prune = .true.
prune_handles = .true.
end select
end do
if (mod(m,bs).ne.0) stop 75
if (mod(n,bs).ne.0) stop 75
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