Commit 45797b6b authored by Antoine Jego's avatar Antoine Jego
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add verbose to test

parent 5a923060
......@@ -644,18 +644,18 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
struct cl_zgemm_args_s *clargs = NULL;
if (c_local) {
// printf("[%d] executing %d,%d (l:%d)\n",comm_rank,b_row,b_col,b_aisle);
if (verbose) printf("[%d] executing %d,%d (l:%d)\n",comm_rank,b_row,b_col,b_aisle);
clargs = malloc(sizeof( struct cl_zgemm_args_s ));
clargs->alpha = alpha;
clargs->beta = b_aisle==0? beta : 1.0;
} else {
// printf("[%d] inserting %d,%d (l:%d)\n",comm_rank,b_row,b_col,b_aisle);
} else if (verbose){
printf("[%d] inserting %d,%d (l:%d)\n",comm_rank,b_row,b_col,b_aisle);
/* printf("[%d] C_%d,%d (%d-%p-%d) += A_%d,%d (%d-%p-%d) B_%d,%d (%d-%p-%d)\n", comm_rank,
if (verbose) printf("[%d] C_%d,%d (%d-%p-%d) += A_%d,%d (%d-%p-%d) B_%d,%d (%d-%p-%d)\n", comm_rank,
b_row,b_col, Cij->registered,Cij->hdl,Cij->owner,
*/ starpu_mpi_task_insert(MPI_COMM_WORLD, &gemm_cl,
starpu_mpi_task_insert(MPI_COMM_WORLD, &gemm_cl,
STARPU_CL_ARGS, clargs, sizeof(struct cl_zgemm_args_s),
STARPU_R, *Ail->hdl,
STARPU_R, *Blj->hdl,
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