Commit 3f9886dc authored by Antoine Jego's avatar Antoine Jego
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fix prune without prune handles

parent 2b92bc75
......@@ -137,9 +137,9 @@ program fstarpu_example_dgemm
do trial=1,t
! allocate matrices
call initialize_matrix(a,mb,kb,"A",prune_handles.and..true.,.false.)
call initialize_matrix(b,kb,nb,"B",.false.,prune_handles.and..true.)
call initialize_matrix(c,mb,nb,"C",prune_handles.and..true.,prune_handles.and..true.)
call initialize_matrix(a,mb,kb,"A",.true. ,.false.)
call initialize_matrix(b,kb,nb,"B",.false.,.true.)
call initialize_matrix(c,mb,nb,"C",.true. ,.true.)
ret = fstarpu_mpi_barrier(comm_world)
call fill_matrix(A, mb,kb,"A")
......@@ -247,8 +247,8 @@ contains
call fstarpu_matrix_data_register( xij%h, 0, c_loc( xij%c(1,1) ), &
bs, bs, bs, c_sizeof(xij%c(1,1)) )
call fstarpu_mpi_data_register(xij%h, tag, xij%owner)
else if ((.not.prune_row.or.comm_row.eq.mod(i,p)).or.&
(.not.prune_col.or.comm_col.eq.mod(j,q)) ) then
else if (.not.prune_handles.or.(.not.prune_row.or.comm_row.eq.mod(i,p)).or.&
(.not.prune_col.or.comm_col.eq.mod(j,q)) ) then
! write(*,*) comm_rank,"] ",xij%owner," owns ",cname,"_",i,j,"so it registers it with tag",tag
call fstarpu_matrix_data_register( xij%h, -1, c_null_ptr, &
bs, bs, bs, c_sizeof(alpha) )
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