New interface with FABuLOuS (previously IB-BGMRES-DR), a library implementing Block Krylov Methods. Warning: experimental feature, not robustly tested.

  • Enable MaPHyS to solve multi-RHS
  • Interface to chose between different Block Krylov algorithms: with IB, QR, DR... and associated parameters available in MaPHyS interface.
  • Several tolerances may be set for multi-RHS
  • In output is given the number of Matrix x Block products as well as the number of iterations
  • Compatible with C interface


  • Now computes initial residual if an initial guess is given
  • Possibility to use scaling factors for the residual computation in GMRes/CG
  • Possibility to change control parameters between MaPHyS calls
  • Possibility to change MUMPS' ICNTL(14), to allocate more memory for MUMPS and avoid crashing (see ICNTL(47))
  • Possibility to keep convergence history for in output files


  • Fix gendistsys example (partly)
  • Fix intel compilation error (character length > 7198)
  • Minor fixes to be able to pass gmres/cg/lapack routines with a matrix of dimension 0 without crashing
  • Fix computation of Backward Error on distributed input
  • Fix CMakeLists to use correct compilation options for release/debug
  • Fix a few memory issues when running with 1 process
  • Add possibility to compiler MaPHyS as a shared library again


  • Add tests to validation initial guess
  • Add tests for multi-RHS