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Update TODO

parent 39090c32
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ done
** Run Examples
#+begin_src bash :session foo :results output :exports both
cd fabulous/build/src/test_core/
mkdir -p ../data/res
./testMatrixMarket 100 500
# most matrix market with all ortho scheme + variable max_space (Krylov search space) parameter:
#+TITLE: fabulous todo-list
#+STARTUP: showeverything
* DONE Implement Classic version with TOP LEVEL Chameleon Interface
* DONE Implement QR version with LOW LEVEL (_Tile_Async) Chameleon Interface
* DONE Make document about Deflated Restarting and Inexact Breakdown's blocks layout
......@@ -13,12 +16,13 @@
** TODO Improve Logging
*** DONE Add timer for iterations (global)
*** TODO Improve timer semantics and logs
*** TODO Add timer for orthogonalization, least square and matrix vector product
*** TODO Add global timer
*** TODO Add timer for orthogonalization
*** TODO Add timer for Least square
*** TODO Add timer for Matrix Vector Product
*** TODO Add flops/s counter
** TODO Improve
Eventually, anyone must be able to gather all interesting results into
just by evaluating code blocks from and/or tangling
* TODO Implement IB+DR
* TODO Implement IB+DR+QR
* TODO iterated orthogonalization stop criterion
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