Commit 4b9adb93 authored by MIJIEUX Thomas's avatar MIJIEUX Thomas


parent 9ee56791
* DONE Implement Classic version with TOP LEVEL Chameleon Interface
* DONE Implement QR version with LOW LEVEL (_Tile_Async) Chameleon Interface
* DONE Make document about Deflated Restarting and Inexact Breakdown's blocks layout
** DONE Deflated Restarting with Incremental QR factorization: Hessenberg blocks layout
** DONE Inexact breakdown block layout (Hessenberg and Base layout)
** DONE Inexact breakdown on R0 (Hessenberg and RHS layout)
* DONE Implement DR+QR
* HOLD Reproducible installation
** DONE Instruction in
** HOLD merge request to make Chameleon headers compatible with C++ complex types
* TODO reproducible results and visualization
** TODO Improve Logging
*** DONE Add timer for iterations (global)
*** TODO Improve timer semantics and logs
*** TODO Add global timer
*** TODO Add timer for orthogonalization
*** TODO Add timer for Least square
*** TODO Add timer for Matrix Vector Product
** TODO Improve
Eventually, anyone must be able to gather into the file all interesting results
just by evaluating code blocks and/or tangling file from
* TODO Implement IB+DR
* TODO Implement IB+DR+QR
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