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......@@ -219,14 +219,14 @@
and tile layouts. It is the standard interface of Chameleon and
it should achieved better performance than the previous
simplest interface. The data are given through a specific
structure called a descriptor, see [[sec:tuteo_step2][Step2]].
structure called a descriptor, see [[sec:tuto_step2][Step2]].
* *CHAMELEON_name_Tile_Async*: similar to the tile interface, it avoids
synchonization barrier normally called between *Tile* routines.
At the end of an *Async* function, completion of tasks is not
guaranteed and data are not necessarily up-to-date. To ensure
that tasks have been all executed, a synchronization function
has to be called after the sequence of *Async* functions, see
CHAMELEON routine calls have to be preceded from
......@@ -394,7 +394,7 @@
(1-D array column-major) if *CHAMELEON_Desc_Create* is used to create
the descriptor. The *CHAMELEON_Desc_Create_User* function can be used
if you have data organized differently. This is discussed in
the next paragraph [[sec_tuto_step3][Step3]]. Giving a *NULL* pointer means you let
the next paragraph [[sec:tuto_step3][Step3]]. Giving a *NULL* pointer means you let
the function allocate memory space. This requires to copy your
data in the memory allocated by the *Desc_Create. This can be
done with
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