Commit da81c248 authored by Mathieu Faverge's avatar Mathieu Faverge

Update ChangeLog

parent b4098ecf
- Testings: Restructuration of the testing/timing drivers
- Remove former testings and timings directories
- Integrate a new testing structure that both time and check the numerical accuracy of the functions
- Integrate kibana testings to follow performance evolution
- Testings: Use the number of core available as default
- Switch to a new tile interface to be more flexible about the data sturcture behind the tiles
- Functions: Add graam function
- Functions: Add SUMMA-like gemm/hemm/symm operations
- Functions: Fix many corner cases discovered with the new testing interface
- Functions: Fix invalid data allocation of temporary data for QR/LQ functions
- Add the possibility to synchronize the task submission for debuging purpose if provided by the runtime (CHAMELEON_RUNTIME_SYNC)
- StarPU: upgrade requirement to 1.3
- StarPU: Fix conflict between environment variable and chameleon_init.
- StarPU/simGrid: Update performance models
- Traces: Upgrade of the EZtrace module for the new interface
- Traces: Removal of the CAHMALEON_ENABLE_TRACING option
- Upgrade cmake_module
- Integrate new precision generation scripts (Support for python 3)
- Integrate CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE list with sanitizers detection
- C++: Replace occurences of the specific operator keyword
- Guix: Add guix support
- Fix issues reported by coverity
- chameleon is now hosted on gitlab:
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