Commit e9668d99 authored by Martin Khannouz's avatar Martin Khannouz Committed by Berenger Bramas

Add constructor to specify the size of each group.

Note that some error could appear if there is not enough group in input.
parent 85fa8b07
......@@ -701,7 +701,10 @@ public:
FGroupOfParticles<FReal, NbSymbAttributes, NbAttributesPerParticle, AttributeClass>*const newParticleBlock = new FGroupOfParticles<FReal, NbSymbAttributes, NbAttributesPerParticle, AttributeClass>(currentBlockIndexes[0],
sizeOfBlock, lastParticle-firstParticle);
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
if(currentBlockIndexes[sizeOfBlock-1]+1 == 511)
cout << "Suricate" << endl;
// Init cells
size_t nbParticlesOffsetBeforeLeaf = 0;
FSize offsetParticles = firstParticle;
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