Commit e47e97ad authored by Quentin Khan's avatar Quentin Khan

Add FNode class, the underlying class for the adaptive FMM tree graph

parent 719e806d
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#include "Utils/FPoint.hpp"
namespace scalfmm {
namespace tests {
template<typename _Real, std::size_t _Dim>
struct MockParticle {
constexpr static const std::size_t Dim = _Dim;
using Real = _Real;
using position_t = FPoint<Real, Dim>;
static std::size_t idx;
MockParticle(position_t pos) :
MockParticle(position_t pos, std::size_t new_index) :
idx = new_index+1;
position_t _pos;
std::size_t index;
position_t& position(const position_t& p) {return (_pos = p);}
position_t& position() {return _pos;}
const position_t& position() const {return _pos;}
template<typename Real, std::size_t Dim>
std::size_t MockParticle<Real, Dim>::idx = 0;
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