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Add an equalize algorithm and update the tree builder, should be tester

parent baf3b0c4
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
* This class proposes a method to distribute an interval own by a worker
* to some others.
* It returns a vector of Package which tell what interval to sent to which process.
* The algorithm works only if the objectives (the intervals that the workers shoud obtain
* are exclusive and given in ascendant order).
* Also each of the element from the current interval must belong to someone!
* Finally the current worker is included in the Package if its objective interval
* is related to its starting interval.
class FEqualize {
// Just return the min
static size_t Min(const size_t v1, const size_t v2){
return v1 < v2 ? v1 : v2;
/** To represent an interval to proceed */
struct Package{
int idProc;
size_t elementFrom;
size_t elementTo;
* To know what to send to who.
* @param myCurrentInterval current process interval
* @param allObjectives the intevals that each process should have (in ascendant order, exclusive)
* @return the package that the current worker should sent to others
static std::vector<Package> GetPackToSend(const std::pair<size_t, size_t> myCurrentInterval,
const std::vector< std::pair<size_t,size_t> >& allObjectives){
std::vector<Package> packToSend;
int idxProc = 0;
// Find the first proc to send to
while( idxProc != allObjectives.size()
&& allObjectives[idxProc].second < myCurrentInterval.first){
idxProc += 1;
// We will from the first element for sure
size_t currentElement = 0;
// Check each proc to send to
while( idxProc != allObjectives.size()
&& allObjectives[idxProc].first < myCurrentInterval.second){
Package pack;
pack.idProc = idxProc;
// The current element must start where the previous one end
// We can assert currentElement == allObjectives[idxProc].first - myCurrentInterval.first
pack.elementFrom = currentElement;
pack.elementTo = Min(allObjectives[idxProc].second , myCurrentInterval.second) - myCurrentInterval.first;
// Next time give from the previous end
currentElement = pack.elementTo;
// Progress
idxProc += 1;
// We can assert that currentElement == myCurrentInterval.second
return packToSend;
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