Commit abaae36d authored by Martin Khannouz's avatar Martin Khannouz Committed by Berenger Bramas

change job for chebyshev on plafrim.

parent 2e1a4c1f
......@@ -33,6 +33,6 @@ echo "Particle per node: " $NB_PARTICLE_PER_NODE
echo "Total particles: " $(($NB_PARTICLE_PER_NODE*$NB_NODE))
echo "In the directory: `pwd`"
rm -f canard.fma > /dev/null 2>&1
mpiexec -n $NB_NODE ./Build/Tests/Release/testBlockedMpiChebyshev -nb $NB_PARTICLE_PER_NODE -bs $GROUP_SIZE -h $TREE_HEIGHT | grep Average
mpiexec -n $NB_NODE ./Build/Tests/Release/testBlockedMpiChebyshev -nb $NB_PARTICLE_PER_NODE -bs $GROUP_SIZE -h $TREE_HEIGHT -no-validation | grep Average
#TODO probably move trace.rec somewhere else ...
mpiexec -n $NB_NODE ./Build/Tests/Release/testBlockedImplicitChebyshev -f canard.fma -bs $GROUP_SIZE -h $TREE_HEIGHT | grep Average
mpiexec -n $NB_NODE ./Build/Tests/Release/testBlockedImplicitChebyshev -f canard.fma -bs $GROUP_SIZE -h $TREE_HEIGHT -no-validation | grep Average
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