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License Information

The Open Source Clustering Software consists of several packages, which have
different licenses.

* Cluster 3.0 is a GUI-based program for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix.
  It is based on Michael Eisen's Cluster/TreeView code. Cluster 3.0 is covered
  by Michael Eisen's original license, available at The command-line version of
  Cluster 3.0 is also covered by this license.
* Pycluster is an extension module to the scripting language Python. It is
  covered by the Python License (same license as Python itself).
* Algorithm::Cluster, the interface to the scripting language Perl. It was
  released under the Artistic License (same license as Perl itself).
* The routines in the C Clustering Library can also be used directly by calling
  them from other C programs. In that case, the Python License applies.

In all cases, copyright notices must be retained in their original form.