1. 09 Jun, 2016 4 commits
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      FNode: add a new output format · 186d0ffa
      Quentin Khan authored
      The tree structure can now be printed to the WaveFront OBJ format. The
      3D object generated is draws the tree leaves.
      Two stream modifiers are added to choose the format:
       - scalfmm::fmt::term outputs the tree in terminal format
       - scalfmm::fmt::obj outputs the tree in obj format
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      FCountKernel: update to follow latest changes · b2379f32
      Quentin Khan authored
      Index the custom particle ontainer to allow easier testing.
      Make node data inherit FBasicCell to work with standard algorithms.
      Add operator call counts.
      Add a partial P2P to work with OpenMP 4 task adaptive algorithm.
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      PerfTest: code refactor · 4723fcf6
      Quentin Khan authored
      Add more precise information per descriptor through the optional `info`
      static method. The adaptive tree descriptor gives information about the
      Remove old help message hints that aren't relevant anymore.
      Rename DescriptorLookup.hpp to TestDriver.hpp
      Allow tree descriptor to adapt to kernel descriptor: the node data and
      particle containers are now retrieved from the kernel descriptor type
      Add some comments.
      Add FCountKernel descriptor.
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