Commit ffc47e35 authored by BRAMAS Berenger's avatar BRAMAS Berenger

udpate memstat

parent 817763c3
......@@ -59,12 +59,20 @@ private:
void plotState() const {
printf("[SCALFMM-MEMSTAT] Total number of allocations %lld \n", numberOfAllocations);
printf("[SCALFMM-MEMSTAT] Memory used at the end %lu Bytes (%f MB)\n", FMemStats::controler.getCurrentAllocated(), FMemStats::controler.getCurrentAllocatedMB());
printf("[SCALFMM-MEMSTAT] Max memory used %lld Bytes (%f MB)\n", FMemStats::controler.getMaxAllocated(), FMemStats::controler.getMaxAllocatedMB());
printf("[SCALFMM-MEMSTAT] Total memory used %lld Bytes (%f MB)\n", FMemStats::controler.getTotalAllocated(), FMemStats::controler.getTotalAllocatedMB());
printf("[SCALFMM-MEMSTAT] unused\n");
void allocate(const std::size_t size){
numberOfAllocations += 1;
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