Commit f2ab891a authored by BRAMAS Berenger's avatar BRAMAS Berenger
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add exchange data between host and device

parent a0b87f53
#include "../Cuda/FCudaGlobal.hpp"
#include "../../Utils/FGlobal.hpp"
#include "../StarPUUtils/FStarPUDefaultAlign.hpp"
#include "FUnifCudaCellPOD.hpp"
template <class FReal, int ORDER>
struct alignas(FStarPUDefaultAlign::StructAlign) FUnifCudaSharedData {
enum {
rc = (2*ORDER-1)*(2*ORDER-1)*(2*ORDER-1),
opt_rc = rc/2+1,
ninteractions = 343,
sizeFc = opt_rc * ninteractions
FReal BoxWidth;
FCudaUnifComplex<FReal> FC[sizeFc];
template <class FReal, int ORDER>
void FUnifCudaFillObject(void* cudaKernel, const FUnifCudaSharedData<FReal,ORDER>& hostData);
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