Commit edd97550 authored by COULAUD Olivier's avatar COULAUD Olivier
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Add energy

parent 9835c6fb
eng_cou : -2.7075E+04
Atms 420
Box 17.2
1 5.73832765E+00 -2.83037529E-01 -3.78998535E+00 -4.76900000E+03 8.50220000E+03 1.09700000E+04
2 6.58422765E+00 -8.15557529E-01 -3.81718535E+00 6.06460000E+03 -6.08020000E+03 -2.25580000E+03
3 5.35692765E+00 -2.15017529E-01 -4.71188535E+00 2.65070000E+02 5.12720000E+02 -8.22160000E+03
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