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* <li> Pierre Blanchard </li> * <li> Pierre Blanchard </li>
* </ul> * </ul>
* Old contributors * Previous contributors
* *
* <ul> * <ul>
* <li> Matthias Messner </li> * <li> Matthias Messner </li>
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* \section Periodic-1 Periodicity in usual FMM * \section Periodic-1 Periodicity in usual FMM
* Our periodicity is kernel independant but is not a real/usual periodicity.
* We simply repeat the simulation box a high number of times which means that if
* needed the simulation box can be repeated a million times in each direction.
* In order to enable this feature nothing special is needed, any ScalFMM kernel can
* be used with this periodicity.
* Moreover the usual FMM garantees apply here because we are doing nothing more than a FMM.
* Please refer to the Periodic example to know more and test the degree of repetition based on
* the "-per" parameter.
* \subsection Limitation
* \subsection limitation * Our periodic system supports only cubic box for now (it is not possible to choose in wich directions the periodicity
* support only cubic box * applies.
*/ */
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