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// This page contains the special doxygen pages and mainpage.
* \section FAQ FAQ
* \subsection faq1 System/Compilers/Libraries Supported
* From our tests ScalFMM works with almost all configurations, except on Mac OS with the CLang compiler (or Intel compiler over CLang).
* \subsection faq2 Is ScalFMM easy to custimize?
* It is easy to create your own kernel or algorithm inside scalfmm, from scratch or from an existing component.
* \subsection faq3 Where should I put my source test file?
* If you only add a main file that uses scalfmm, it is appropriate to store it inside the Tests/Kernels directory.
* After taping cmake .. you file will be automatically compilable
* \subsection faq4 I cannot compiled the tests/unit tests/examples?
* Ensure you have activated the cmake options to compile them (for example by using ccmake ..).
* You can still turn the option on by cmake -DSCALFMM_BUILD_TESTS=ON .. for example.
* \subsection faq5 How to use MPI scalfmm?
* You must turn the cmake option on to activate the mpi tests.
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