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Commit c76e1738 authored by COULAUD Olivier's avatar COULAUD Olivier

deplace file

parent fbc50cd8
* genarateDistributions.cpp
* Created on: 23 mars 2014
* Author: Olivier Coulaud
// Keep in private GIT
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <cstdlib>
#include "Utils/FGlobal.hpp"
#include "Utils/FPoint.hpp"
#include "Files/FFmaGenericLoader.hpp"
#include "Utils/FParameters.hpp"
#include "Utils/FCompareResults.hpp"
#include "Utils/FParameterNames.hpp"
/// \file compare2files.cpp
//! \brief compare2files: Gives the error between
//! Driver to transform a FMA format and/or to build a visualization file<br>
//! For a description of the FMA format see FFmaGenericLoader<br>
//! <b> General arguments:</b>
//! \param -help (-h) to see the parameters available in this driver
//! \param -fmmfile1 name1: first file name to compare (with extension .fma (ascii) or bfma (binary)
//! \param -fmmfile2 name2: second file name to compare (with extension .fma (ascii) or bfma (binary)
//! \param -ewaldfile2 name2 if name2 contains the result done by the ewald method for 1/r kernel.
//! Error code (return of the main)
//! -1 Number of points is different in the two files.
//! \b examples
//! compare2files -file1 unitCubeXYZQ100.fma -file2 unitCubeXYZQ100
int main(int argc, char ** argv){
// const FParameterNames LocalParameterEwald{
// {"-ewaldfile2"},
// "-ewaldfile2 name2 if name2 contains the result done by the ewald method for 1/r kernel"
// };
FHelpDescribeAndExit(argc, argv,
"Driver to change the format of the input file.",
FParameterDefinitions::InputFileOne, FParameterDefinitions::InputFileTwow,
const std::string filename1(FParameters::getStr(argc,argv,FParameterDefinitions::InputFileOne.options, "data.fma"));
const std::string filename2(FParameters::getStr(argc,argv,FParameterDefinitions::InputFileTwow.options, "data.fma"));
typedef double FReal;
FFmaGenericLoader<FReal> loader1(filename1);
FFmaGenericLoader<FReal> loader2(filename2);
// Allocation
FSize nbParticles = loader1.getNumberOfParticles();
const unsigned int nbData = loader1.getNbRecordPerline() ;
if(nbParticles != loader2.getNumberOfParticles()){
std::cerr << "Number of points is different in the two files."<<std::endl ;
return -1 ;
if( (nbData != 8) && (loader2.getNbRecordPerline()) ){
std::cerr << "Wrong files only " << std::min(loader2.getNbRecordPerline(),nbData)<< " to read."<<std::endl ;
return -2 ;
FmaRWParticle<FReal,8,8>* const particles1 = new FmaRWParticle<FReal,8,8>[nbParticles];
FmaRWParticle<FReal,8,8>* const particles2 = new FmaRWParticle<FReal,8,8>[nbParticles];
const FSize error = compareTwoArrays<FReal, FmaRWParticle<FReal,8,8>* >("TAG", nbParticles, particles1, particles2);
delete[] particles1 ;
delete[] particles2 ;
return int(error);
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