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Missing forward.hpp in previous commit

parent e30f6b45
// --------------------------------
// See LICENCE file at project root
// File : meta/forward.hpp
// --------------------------------
// Forward declaration for traits support
#include <bits/c++config.h>
namespace scalfmm::container
template<typename Derived, typename... Containers>
struct variadic_adaptor;
template<typename Derived, template<typename U, typename Allocator> class Container, typename... Types>
struct unique_variadic_container;
template<typename Derived, typename... Types>
struct variadic_container;
template<typename Derived, typename Tuple>
struct variadic_container_tuple;
template<typename ValueType, std::size_t Dimension>
struct point_impl;
template<typename ValueType, std::size_t Dimension>
struct point_proxy;
template<typename ValueType, std::size_t Dimension, typename Enable>
struct point;
template<typename PositionType, std::size_t PositionDim, typename InputsType, std::size_t NInputs,
typename OutputsType, std::size_t MOutputs, typename... Variables>
struct particle;
} // namespace scalfmm::container
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