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Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Intel, Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright ScalFmm 2011 INRIA,
Copyright (c) 2011-2014 Inria, All rights reserved.
This file contains the main features as well as overviews of specific
bug fixes (and other actions) for each version of ScalFMM since
version 1.1.
version 1.1
- New FMA format to read/write particles
......@@ -20,5 +19,6 @@ version 1.1.
- Fix bug and performance improvements in MPI thread algorithms
- Now we use MPI THREAD SERIALIZED rather than MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE in MPI+OpenMP algorithm.
- Add Uniform interpolation based on Lagrange polynomials
- Improve tests -> now we use Ctest and CDash (Thanks F Rue to Inria)
- Improve tests -> now we use CTest and CDash (Thanks F Rue to Inria)
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