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add some text about header inclusive code

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Please follow those rules when developing:
Static (variables, members, attributes) should start with a capital letter
Class name should start with a capital letter
Mix capital and normal letter to write names (IAmAName) no underscore
......@@ -11,3 +11,23 @@ If an parameter is changed by a function use pointer else use const ref
Please do not name variables with one letter (except it is related to a mathematical formula but then this one should be in the comment in latex format)
Try not to have function bigger than 100 lines
Be consistent
Methods should start with a verb or an action (get, compute, print, etc...)
Why everything is inside the HPP!? A discussion about why scalfmm should stay like this for now
First of all, many classes are Templates and so, even if it is possible to split declaration and implementation
of templates in different files such approach is not supported by all compiler, it then better
for templates to stay in their hpp.
For other class the debate is more open.
Even if it is not a argument, it is interesting to notice that all modern languages are one file per class (C#, Java, Ruby, Python, ...).
It takes much time to compile since you need to generate almost all the program every time (and the generation is hardly parallelized).
It is impossible to have cross references.
It looks strange for a new guy that discover the project (is it really a con?).
It is "more" standard.
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