Commit 958f1165 authored by BRAMAS Berenger's avatar BRAMAS Berenger
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use empty kernel class instead of loading a file

parent 077163ca
...@@ -14,22 +14,19 @@ ...@@ -14,22 +14,19 @@
#include "../FOutOfBlockInteraction.hpp" #include "../FOutOfBlockInteraction.hpp"
#include "FEmptyOpenCLCode.hpp"
#include <starpu.h> #include <starpu.h>
struct FEmptyOpenCLFilename{
operator const char*(){
return nullptr;
template <class OriginalKernelClass, class KernelFilenameClass = FEmptyOpenCLFilename> template <class OriginalKernelClass, class KernelFilenameClass = FEmptyOpenCLCode>
class FOpenCLDeviceWrapper { class FOpenCLDeviceWrapper {
protected: protected:
struct Uptr9{ struct alignas(1) Uptr9{
cl_mem ptrs[9]; cl_mem ptrs[9];
}; };
struct size_t9{ struct alignas(1) size_t9{
size_t v[9]; size_t v[9];
}; };
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