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Commit 84a2b007 authored by PIACIBELLO Cyrille's avatar PIACIBELLO Cyrille

Old method not used removed, was probably wrong anyway

parent ec0b3a73
......@@ -178,37 +178,6 @@ public:
/** Test ... */
struct RunContainer{
template< int nbAttributeToInsert,class ContainerClass,class LeafClass, class CellClass>
static void Run(FOctree<FReal,CellClass,ContainerClass,LeafClass> * octree,
int NbPartToInsert,int * strideForEachAtt,
FReal* rawDatas){
template<class ContainerClass,class LeafClass, class CellClass, int nbAttributeToInsert>
void generic_tree_abstract_insert(FOctree<FReal,CellClass,ContainerClass,LeafClass> * octree,
int NbPartToInsert,int * strideForEachAtt,
FReal* rawDatas){
for(FSize idxPart = 0; idxPart<NbPartToInsert ; ++idxPart){
FPoint<FReal> pos = FPoint<FReal>(rawDatas[0],rawDatas[1],rawDatas[2]);
MortonIndex index = octree->getMortonFromPosition(pos);
//Insert with how many attributes ???
//Get again the container
ContainerClass * containerToFill = octree->getLeafSrc(index);//cannot be nullptr
std::array<FReal,nbAttributeToInsert> arrayOfAttribute;
for(int idxAtt = 0; idxAtt<nbAttributeToInsert ; ++idxAtt){
arrayOfAttribute[idxAtt] = rawDatas[3+ strideForEachAtt[idxAtt]];
int idxToRemove = containerToFill->getNbParticles();
template<class ContainerClass,class LeafClass,class CellClass>
void generic_get_forces_xyz(FOctree<FReal,CellClass,ContainerClass,LeafClass> * octree,
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